Hi, I'm Fallah.

I'm a Full Stack Developer

I've spent the last few years building and optimizing scalable software solutions. I'm passionate about clean code and user-centric design. Let's connect!


H ey! I'm Fallah, As an enthusiastic Mid-Level Full-Stack Engineer, I am passionate about building highly scalable and performant software systems. My commitment to writing clean, maintainable code aligns with best practices, ensuring that the solutions I create are efficient and user-centric, addressing real-world challenges effectively.

Throughout my professional journey, I have consistently delivered impactful solutions. I have developed custom UI libraries to boost productivity and created full-stack web applications from scratch, ensuring high availability and scalability of applications.

Driven by a strong problem-solving mindset and a collaborative spirit, I am always eager to learn and grow. I thrive in environments that challenge me to push the boundaries of technology and innovation. If you're looking for a dedicated engineer who can bring both technical expertise and a user-focused approach to your team, let's connect!

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An image of the Telkomsel Customer Experience Platform project.

Telkomsel Customer Experience Platform

React - ChakraUI - NestJS - Postgres - Unomi

A software or system that designed to help companies manage and involve customer... Learn more >

An image of the Telkomsel Enterprise Datawarehouse project.

Telkomsel Enterprise Datawarehouse

React - ChakraUI - NestJS - Postgres - Airflow

A software or system that designed to help companies manage their data and transform... Learn more >

An image of the Dunia Games & By.U (Migration) project.

Dunia Games & By.U (Migration)

NodeJS - AWS - Docker - Kubernetes - Gitlab Runner

Migrate services from on-premises to cloud infrastructure. Learn more >

An image of the Danone Intranet project.

Danone Intranet

React - NextJS - Tailwind - Laravel - Azure

A web application that designed to help danone employee... Learn more >

An image of the Bayer Self Care Club project.

Bayer Self Care Club

React - NextJS - ChakraUI - Strapi - Postgres

Self-Care can look different for everyone, to count as self-care the... Learn more >

An image of the Golden Rama Tour & Travel project.

Golden Rama Tour & Travel

React - NextJS - ChakraUI - NodeJS - Postgres

Golden Rama Tours & Travel is a travel agency that has been serving... Learn more >


Aug 2022 - Present
Full-Stack Developer
  • Developed a custom UI library that increased developer productivity and code reuse
  • Developed a Full-Stack web application from scratch, including back-end services, front-end interface, and database
  • Configured data pipelines deployments in cloud-native enviroments such as AWS Cloud
  • Managed Kubernetes clusters to ensure high availability and scalability of applications
Kala Bhairawa Tantra
Mar 2022 - Aug 2022
  • Developed several Front-End projects collaborated with UI/UX designers
  • Developed API services for News Portal, Crypto Tracker with ExpressJS
  • Translate business requirements to technical solutions
PT. SMB Kencana
Jul 2021 - Feb 2022
IT Support
  • Managed and maintained the company's IT infrastructure
  • Provided technical support for employees
  • Developed internal tools to automate repetitive tasks


Shoot me an email if you want to connect! You can also find me on Linkedin or X if that's more your speed.